Does your organization need a white paper?

Necesita tu organización un white paper?

In my previous post, I told you:

how the Internet changed marketing techniques, how you now have to educate the customers before selling something, and how a white paper can bring benefits for you.

But… ¿does your organization need a white paper?

The following questions might give you the answer:

Do you sell something new?
Do you sell something complex?
Do you sell something expensive?

If your organization markets something new, complex or expensive, you can benefit from white paper.

If your company offer includes products, services, technologies or methods, you should write a white paper.

If your organization wants to generate interest among its customers, differentiate itself from competitors or consolidate its sales, you require a white paper.

I’m going to explain why.

Question # 1: Do you sell something relatively new?

If you launch an innovative offer on the market ¿how can your customers know about it?

Remember that there are no articles or books to explain it nor discussion boards and websites with information. Besides, there is not yet associations to promote it.

It’s time to write a white paper!

Once this information is available, and the customers know it very well, the effect of the white paper diminishes.

Question # 2: Do you sell something relatively complex?

When the offer is complex, your potential customers have to understand it

A product, service, technology or method is not evident by looking at it. Customers must know it.

The world is full of such examples. When the first industrial robots appeared, back in the 60s, it was necessary to have a whole team of experts to install, program, adjust and maintain it. The technology was so complex that companies had to write many white papers to make their operation known. Nowadays you can buy a toy robot in any futuristic store. And with a simple instruction manual, you can get it going. You no longer need to read a white paper.

Question # 3: Do you sell something relatively expensive?

When something is expensive, the decision to buy it can take time.

And generally, it’s a decision in which the directors of the organization are involved in the selection committee. Imagine how many questions these people have! Writing a white paper is a way to offer them the “best answers.”

Is it new? Is it complex? Is it expensive? If you answer Yes to one or two of these questions, your organization needs a white paper. Your competitors already have their white paper. And your potential customers could be waiting for yours.

So what do you expect to write a white paper and meet those expectations?

Adapted from a Gordon Graham note entitled Does your company need a white paper?

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Jorge Luis Alonso G. is a freelance writer and blogger based in Argentina. He specializes in writing white papers (English and Spanish) and reuses its content in blog posts and articles to newsletters, magazines or newspapers. Also, he writes content for websites.

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