According to white paper expert Gordon Graham, there are three main types of white papers:

  • Backgrounder: This type of white paper focuses on your service or product’s features, functions, and benefits.
  • Numbered List: This type of white paper provides easy-to-read answers, tips, or points about how your service or product can serve your target audience.
  • Problem/Solution: This type of white paper outlines a common problem your audience experiences and then explains how your product or service resolves that issue and why it is better than what is currently available.

Each type of white paper has a different level of complexity—and therefore requires a different amount of work.

For example, a backgrounder is easier to write than a numbered list. And a numbered list is easier to write than a problem/solution.

So how do you know which white paper is right for you? It depends on what you want to achieve. When you hire me to write your white paper, I will discuss your goals for the white paper with you and then recommend which type of white paper will meet your needs.

Regardless of which type of white paper I write for you, I will charge you the same fee:


For this amount, I will give you a document

  • containing unique information. Most of the content that I will include in your white paper is not written yet; it is in the minds of the experts you work with. I will extract these details through interviews and organize it for you.
  • filled with evidence and statistics. This kind of information provides credibility in your customer’s mind.
  • focused on your customer. In addition to talking about your service or product’s features, I highlight the benefits your prospective customer will gain from the service or product.

A professional editor reviews my white papers to ensure that you receive a well-written document. Then you can turn it over to a designer to incorporate graphs, charts, and photos to make your white paper visually appealing.

Once you receive the white paper, you can

  • post it on your website to generate leads around the clock with no further effort.
  • share it with your sale distributors so they can persuade their clients to make the buy.
  • create a slide deck so you can present the product at conferences or webinars.
  • send it to journalists and bloggers to inform them about your product.

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