Why Me

White papers are the king of content, the ultimate expression of content marketing. However, writing a white paper, which helps your audience understand a topic, solve a problem, or make a decision, can be a real challenge. It is not an easy task.

Unfortunately, not everyone who writes white papers understands the purpose of white papers, so it is common to see documents that are

  • focused on the sale—they lack useful information
  • superficial—they lack evidence or statistics
  • focused on the seller, not the customer

What sets me apart from other writers?

I’m a researcher by nature, so I document all of my white papers and articles with trusted sources.

My white papers are refined and free from errors that can tarnish your credibility or your company’s image. To achieve this, I work with a professional editor who reviews the final version of your white paper. Vicki Adang, a U.S.-based editor, works with me to fine-tune your document.

I read books about white papers, like White Papers For Dummies, Writing White Papers: How to Capture Readers and Keep Them Engaged, Content That Sells Without Selling: How to Create a White Paper, and others.

I read articles about white papers and B2B content marketing, and I share them on my Twitter account.

All of these activities allow me to write white papers that help you solve customer problems.