Why Me

White paper is the king of contents; is the ultimate expression of content marketing. So, writing a white paper, which helps you to understand a topic, solve a problem or make a decision, is a real challenge. It is not an easy task.

Unfortunately, not everyone who writes white papers understands this.

And so it is common to see documents:

  • inclined to sell (information not useful)
  • very superficials (no evidence or statistics), or
  • focused on the seller (not the customer)

What sets me apart from other writers?

I read books and articles about white papers and content marketing for companies.

I hear podcasts, too.

Likewise, I follow on Twitter the people who know about white papers. Like Gordon Graham, Michael A. Stelzner, Rober W. Bly, and Jessica Mehring.

That allows me to write white papers that solve customer problems.